by Steve ROBS

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released July 15, 2016




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Steve ROBS Reading, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: はじめまして salutations
instrumental track
Track Name: nodoubt
You walk it out
Straight out my life
Straight out my house

I chase you for generations
In ours we never need a spouse

Oh damn wow that's a splatter on your blouse
Ask a nigga if a nigga wanna joust

You look like a potato when we threw away the sprouts
Like that Mary plant I grow it in my house

Her name Molly she do Molly
and when I fuck her she shouts
"oh God I love this thing never take it out"
I funk rock that pussy, no doubt
Track Name: ALTER EGO
This is my sun room
Yeah this is my sun room

This is my sun room
Yeah this is my sun room

Let me consume your doom
Vroom vroom
And i'm off on the broom

Like witchcraft
and bitchcraft

You funny niggas
Acting like you bitchcraft

Bitch what's your attire
I thought you got fired!

I said I won again
But you thought I was liar
I make sure that the bot is hot
I call it bire

And if you don't sell any shit
Then you can suck my dick

I'm #1
Track Name: x-files
single #2
instrumental track
Track Name: ashes
As I smoke this blunt

I watch as they turn to ashes
Man they want passes
To my concert
But I'm going to fucking make them pay

If you rub me the wrong way
You should just go away
Because I got the sword and I'm willing to slay!

I'm willing to cut
Last year I think I was in such a rut

But then I met a girl who gave a fuck
And then we go out and spend a buck

I wear Goodwill
Yeah I recycle clothing
I don't know who I'm going to give a ring

I then call her on my phone
Give her a ring
But damn that bitch was just a ting!

My brother said
favors aren't supposed to be returned
Now I watch his ashes as he burns!

Steve Robs
Track Name: T000URNEY
instrumental track