by Steve ROBS

(free) 02:15


Debut album by Reading independent artist Steve Robs. Thanks for your support and criticism. I put a lot of work into this concept. Enjoy



released November 5, 2015

Sick of Winning Productions Reading, PA



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Steve ROBS Reading, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Trocadero Theatre
Drinking a 40 reading a tweet from 40
You niggas act like you turned fucking 40
I keep it 100 you goons keep it 40
They always trying to make deals but they can’t afford me
And if you a 4 B go ahead and ignore me
In general people with no soul bore me
And if your fake deep show Gandhi you’re praise
I saw your credit score that’s the minimum wage
You niggas deserve minimum praise
I think it’s been winning season for a 40 days
Out like a frat my bitch wants to get hazed
She’s into that freak shit, your girl don’t do freak shit
If you try to step into my lane I will beep quick
This is winning season no time to be sick
No time to cough, getting cozy in the loft
I know your squad is here but you look a little lost
One bad thing said about me I leave him in the whip hit the exhaust
Always promoting movements no time to hit the exhaust
Track Name: fuck around AND GET HIGH
Why let the Earth win and sit around waiting to die?
Track Name: 3 AMIGOS
instrumental track
Track Name: No Clue (album version)
You want a taste
So you bite the hand that feeds you
I’ve gone insane
Let me sneak you a preview
Once opaque
Now I’m see through
Coming for you
But you got no clue

You want to run
But your legs they drag
They call us equal
But they call you fag

I’ve got the money in the brief
You tell Green Day I’m a basket case

Let’s waste away
To a new dimension
A different space
You hate Mr. President, and the Army
But you throw grenades

I’m still a creature when the darkness fades
You know
Propaganda makes you think we throw parades
We don’t

You want a taste
So you bite the hand that feeds you
I’ve gone insane
Let me sneak you a preview
Once opaque
Now I’m see through
Coming for you
But you have no clue
Track Name: afreaklikeme
You thought you please
They want a freak like me
This is a teaser
To your nonsensical dreams

People shoot the shit
They say one wrong word
I’ll shoot that shit
But I’m a bitch
I’m working like a dog
So I am a bitch

How come you always ask me for shit?
What else you gonna suck I only got one dick
Fuck corporate and cooperate
With this new way of thought innovate
You thought you had the ball
You dropped it shit was fate
To cum is the only thing I do late

No need to freak
Be a freak like me
Track Name: skit
It’s a weird sensation, coming alive
Everything else dies
Your fears, your worries
Even your long term goals

You’re just happy you have this moment
And never want the moment to end

I became a fighter
When on the street
A scumbag tried to wire
Your account to places too far to swim you’d get tired
When I was done with him I had guts all over my attire

I could say I could give you the world
But I’d be a liar
We’re not sure what’s up there yet
It leaves me uninspired
I’d quit my job for you
Or even get fired

She lit up
Lit up the whole stage
With teenage angst and rage
It got brighter
As the street lights dimmed
Track Name: n0 parking after 2 AM
Well, I watched you pick apart ceiling fans
You never had the ability to use
Never thought one could feel this way
Like a drug we would abuse

Drake yeah he got views
But we have weapons that leave a bruise
And tarnish the image of you
I write on your dashboard: Can I trip with you?

Concern me
Drag me more
Dragging on the floor

She was wicked
She was a whore
The streets have sunken
Into her core

Officer, I know there is no parking after 2 am
But a drunk girl wants me to come over